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Interview with Vivien Goldman - Full Transcript

In episode four of the podcast, we sat down with Vivien Goldman. Despite her busy schedule, we were able to chat on the phone for about an hour.

You can now read the full transcript from our chat below. 

We made it through the year that was 2017. How did you power through the year of madness that was this last year?

Vivien Goldman: It’s a good question. I don’t whether you saw that Trump just made these disgusting comments about Africa? It’s very important to keep your spirits up so you’ve got the energy to deal with things. Try and not let it eat you up. 

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Interview with Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker - Full Transcript

We recently premiered our first episode with Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker. If you haven't checked it out, listen here. Here also is the full transcript of our chat with Blake. 


Blake: I actually had no where else to go. It just happened at a moment. What it honestly took was a good offer from an interesting big fest. Riot Fest feels like one of the few guitar-based, kind of punk-based stage events going on. [They] appealed way more than some of the others that had been asking us. Largely, I think anyone in the band would say that Adam has been the most instrumental in making something happen. He never really left the band. Chris and I did but Adam has been in Jawbreaker this whole time. Advocating. He never quit. I hit a point in my life where I was like "man, I'm going to get in on this" [laughing]. It's time to activate. My life was just stopped completely. I don't think I'm coming to it from hunger. It was just this huge thing that was sitting in front of me the whole time. I kind of hit a moment where I was like, I can either apply for 100 jobs and not get them. I mean, dog walking, I couldn't get hired. Which is just a reflection on our economy I think. Nothing against me or anybody else. I couldn't believe what I couldn't get. Adam wrote as he does every year and goes "I just gotta tell you whats being offered right now." Just how ridiculous the stakes are. It was just a matter of feeling the other guys out and then seeing that everyone wanted to do it and making a plan to meet up. We didn't agree until we practiced and thought this actually sounds like us enough that we can pursue it.

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