Episode 4: Featuring Vivien Goldman

Vivien Goldman

In episode 4, we sat down with the esteemed and extraordinary Vivien Goldman. Vivien is a writer, author, musician, professor, activist, DJ, and the list goes on and on. 

She has been involved with so many different scenes and movements over the past five decades. She made music with John Lydon and Keith Levene of Public Image Ltd, Viv Albertine and Ari Up of the Slits, The Raincoats’ Vicky Aspinall, among many others. You can hear the reggae and post-punk influences in her timeless songs. She was Bob Marley's first publicist and she has written books about him as well, along with books about Kid Creole. She is known as the "Punk Professor" and is an adjunct instructor at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU. Unstoppable is truly an understatement when it comes to her. 

Our conversation could have lasted for at least four hours because there were so many topics I wanted to cover but the focus on this interview centered around more topical matters - including staying active and busy in the face of daunting political news and events, her solidarity with the #MeToo movement, separating art from the artist, and much more. 

Check out episode four below!

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Pick up her incredible collection of songs Resolutionary Songs (Songs 1979-1982) from Staubgold Records. You can stream the album below as well. 

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