Yankee Bluff | Alphaville, Brooklyn | 8/23/17

Yankee Bluff

Yankee Bluff, the new band from members of Dogs on Acid and Algernon Cadwallader, played Alphaville in Bushwick, Brooklyn last week.

It's usually pretty hard for me to get to shows during the week these days but it's not often that these guys make it up from my beloved Philadelphia so this was a mandatory show and they didn't disappoint. Ugh. I just used the worst sort of cliche review.

ANYWAYS. The band was great despite a very, very, weird crowd which included a mix of devoted nerds like myself and bonafide vagrants making out with various drunk individuals in the crowd. 

Dogs on Acid's lone full-length  was a favorite a couple years back and Yankee Bluff has sort of taken a different path with their music. The band definitely has way more of an early Guided By Voices kind of vibe and hey, that definitely is not a bad thing. 

The band has released a series of great EPs on Bandcamp over the last year that I cannot recommend enough. Check out the song "Furniture" below.