Episode 6: Michael Grodner

Michael Grodner

And we’re back! Episode 6 of Missing Words features a conversation with director Michael Grodner.

Grodner is the director of the film, The Icarus Line Must Die. The movie follows the lead singer of defunct LA-based post-hardcore band The Icarus Line, Joe Cardamone. Inspired by New York’s late 70s No Wave avant-garde scene, the film showcases Cardamone’s day-to-day existence and struggles in the blistering and oppressive heat of Los Angeles. Even if you aren’t a fan of the band, Joe’s story is universally relatable. At times, it feels like you are watching a documentary but the movie is based on real-life experiences and features appearances from some of Cardamone’s closest friends - Annie Hardy of Giant Drag, Ariel Pink, Keith Morris, and many more.

In the episode, we discussed the process of capturing the natural chemistry between non-actors, documenting the complexities of Los Angeles, and much more.

Check it out below!

The Icarus Line Must Die is now available on most streaming services and there are some select screenings happening across the US. For more info, check out the movie’s official website. You can view the trailer below as well.


For more music from The Icarus Line, check out their Bandcamp.

Thank you to Karen at K.O. PR for setting up the interview and thanks to Bill Shouldis for producing this episode.

Episode 7 of Missing Words will feature an interview with author and journalist Jessica Hopper.

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