Episode 8: Ted Terry

Ted Terry Missing Words

For episode 8 and for this incredibly important day for America, we are happy to present our chat with Mayor Ted Terry.

You might recognize him as the “hipster mayor” from Queer Eye, where he got his “resistance beard” shaved off (a surprising misstep by JVN to cut it off btw) by the Fab 5.

Ted is the mayor of Clarkston, Georgia - the most ethically diverse square mile in America. He is leading the charge in making his town a welcoming and compassionate environment for all - regardless of religious beliefs, skin color, or sexual orientation.

In our chat, we discussed what his Queer Eye moment did for raising awareness to the town, his thoughts on the rise of Stacey Abrams, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the Blue Wave, how we can get millennials to vote, his fight for the decriminalization of marijuana, and so much more.

Check it out below!

Thank you so much to Ted Terry for taking time out of his super busy schedule to chat with us. Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

As mentioned in the episode, one way you can support Clarkston is by donating to their non-profit community center.

Here is a great article that discusses Clarkston and how immigrants have found solace and refuge in Clarkston. Here is the article and stats from the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute we reference in the episode as well.

Seriously, if you are reading this and haven’t voted in the midterms today, leave your desk / apt / couch right now and go V O T E. Here is a link to find out where you need to go to vote. Also, Vote411 is a great resource for finding out who is on your ballot.

This is such a scary and overwhelming time in so many ways and regardless of what happens or happened in these midterms and we think it’s important to make sure we are supplying funding and donations to organizations out there doing incredible work, like the International Rescue Committee, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, the ACLU, and so many more.

As always, thank you to Bill Shouldis for producing this episode.

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