Episode 1: Featuring Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker


Welcome to the very first episode of MISSING WORDS.

In our premiere episode, we discuss the relationship between nostalgia, reunions, and coming back to artistic creations after quite some time during these not-so-optimistic times. 

Why exactly do certain records get dismissed by one generation only to find a whole new one appreciating it for different reasons? Why do we want bands to come back so we can experience something we may have missed being a part of?

These are pretty impossible questions but we figured we should sit down and talk about it with someone very familiar with it all.  

Episode 1 features Jawbreaker singer/guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach. Jawbreaker attracted a devoted fanbase in the late 80s/early 90s punk scene.  After years of rumors, Jawbreaker announced a couple months back they would be playing their first show in 21 years at Riot Fest in Chicago

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The full transcript of our interview with Blake is available here

Further research:

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